Owensboro Pet Sitting New Client Rates

  • Cat sitting only rates. If you have dogs also see Vacation rates


  • Cat Sitting - 15 minutes for $15 per visit.   for the unsocial cat that only needs litter box cleaning and water/feeding.
  • Cat Sitting - 20 minute for $18 per visit.  For the cat that just wants to come out for eating and a little bit of attention.
  • Cat Sitting -30 minute for $20 per visit. For a social cat that wants to be around people and needs the daily attention.
  • Cat sitting - 45 minutes for $25 per visit. Great for multiple cats that love attention and play time.
  • The cats meow -60 minute for $30 per visit. The ultimate cat visit for the very social cat or multiple cats that just need the extra attention.
  • During your initial meeting you will tell us how you want us to spend our time with your cat(s). We understand every feline is different and has different needs. The Owner Jennifer has over 25 years experience with cat care. She takes her time with each cat and lets them come to her. She is very aware of her presence around them and has been known to pet the cat nobody sees. Jennifer will be your primary care cat sitter and unlike bigger pet sitting companies she will consistently be caring and bonding with your kitty. We know some cats don't like change.
  • These visits can include, play time, feeding, brushing, teeth brushing, litter box cleaning, medications, water plants, lights and curtains rotated, mail, trash brought to curb and back, and basic house cleaning of animal shedding while gone. We understand each customer is unique and we will create a custom visit specifically for you and your pet/s!


Daily  M-F Lunchtime Potty Breaks-   Are you working long hours and need your dog/s to get out during the day? This special is just for you! Visits are Monday-Friday only between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.


15- Minute Potty Break for 15.00

20- Minute Potty Break for 18.00

30 -Minute Potty Break for 20.00

45 -Minute Potty Break for 25.00

                                                                   Prices are for weekly rates only. (You will not get a refund for sick days or days you come home early ect.) Price can vary depending on location. 


Lunch Time dog walking is just that! We come to your house Monday-Friday and walk your dog, usually between the hours of 11 A.M. and 2 P.M. This is differnt from the Daily Potty Break becuase we are walking them the entire time.


Pricing for Monday -Friday weekly Dog Walking is

  20 Min Dog walking - 80 weekly

  25 Min Dog walking - 90 weekly

  30 Min Dog walking - 100 weekly

Vacation Pet Sitting- are you going on vacation for the holidays or just a weekend getaway. We would love to watch your animals while you are away. (Most people with dogs will do at least three stops a day.) 


30 Min Stops - $22.00 per stop 

45 Min Stops - $25.00 per stop

60 Min Stops - $30.00 per stop






* Major holiday rates, Christmas, New Years, Thanksgiving, 4th of July etc. please add an extra $5.00 per visit just for that day.
If you have multiple animals, prices CAN vary based on your needs. Call our office to discuss this.

* It has become necessary to charge a $10.00 service fee for last minute stops. This includes stops within 8 hours of time being scheduled, We have found that same day visits request can change the scheduling. We will do are very best to accommodate your needs.
* It has also become necessary to charge a $15.00 late cancellation fee. This includes cancelling within 10 hours of your
scheduled time.  Furthermore if you book a Cat vacation in advance and you cancel within 48 hours. You have taken up a spot for us to use and we will require 50% of the payment. To avoid these fees please cancel or reschedule as soon as possible Thank You.    All reasonable exceptions (cancellation fees waived or adjusted) will be determined by the company owner

* Any checks that come back will be sent to Daviess County Prosecutor along with our $35.00 penalty fee.


*All pricing subject to change at owners discretion based on amount of animals and work required.

*If you are located out of our service area Gas will be charged and time spent getting to your location.